Brick & Peyote Weaved Necklaces Brick & Peyote Weaved Necklaces Brickstitch Diamond Pendant 130719280 Brickstitch Diamond Pendant 130719606 Brickstitch Diamond Pendant w/Porcupine Quill Fringe 118390942 Brick Stitch Choker Stunning choker beaded with size 11 miyuki seed beads. Simply stunning in matte crystal, power blue and silver lined icy blue seed beads. Currently available, contact me. 63293191 Tubular Peyote & Right Angle Weave sections with Brick Stitch Pendant Amazing montana blue and cobalt blue beads with white back ground make for a gorgeous necklace. The mix of brick with the peyote tubes make for a very unusual necklace. Beaded with size 11 miyuki seed beads. Currently available at the Devon House, St. John's, NL, Canada 63293192 Brick Stitch Indian Girl Pendants Very cute beaded madien in traditional dress. These sweet pendants make for such pretty necklaces. Beaded with size 11 miyuki seed beads. This is the necklace featured on the CTV show Nikita in October 2012. 63293193