Betty's Beaded Creations

Specializing in Traditional and Non-Traditional Glass Beadwork

Artist Bio

 My name is Betty John and my aboriginal background originates from the Miawpukek First Nations community of Conne River, NL and from Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia.  My fathers parents were born and raised in Conne River but moved to Glenwood in the 1920's and lived there till they died in 1970's. My mother's great grand father who was a full blooded Mi’Kmaq came to Gander Bay from Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia in 1830. Settled in Clarks Head and some of his descendants still live there today.

As the art of beading was nearly lost throughout the years, a course was offered to regain this knowledge and allow the Mi'kmaq women of Glenwood to carry on the tradition. My brother first introduced me to the beadwork done by the local woman that was on display at the band council office. I was so impressed with the pieces I immediately knew this was something I wanted to try. With the help of my brother and my knowledge of the internet, I started researching traditional beadwork. I spent many hours reading and researching stitches, then decided it was time to give it a try. I knew right away I had found my "calling." 

Seventeen years later, I have countless hours of experience in the art of beadwork. Working with glass beads and other materials I create traditional beadwork as well as other crafts that reflect my native ancestry. All crafts offered are hand made and are not to be confused with mass-produced imitation. The pieces I create are one of a kind and very unique. Each piece is made from the finest Miyuki Glass Seed Beads, nymo thread and sewn one bead at a time.